Summary Synthesis

Wow, we’re at the end already?! Although I haven’t had a full four years with my major, I have grown an emotional attachment to the opportunities it has provided me with. My major, Health Science, has incorporated various disciplines from psychology, health and wellness, biology, and even chemistry.  If you think that these classes sound extremely enjoyable, check out my IDS essay! What fun!  My future career will incorporate all of these when I join the healthcare field and each discipline is vital to the process.


seed by Neil Tackaberry/CCBY 2.0

When thinking about the Applied Project, I knew I wanted to incorporate physical therapy in one way or another.  I believe shadowing at a private clinic was the perfect opportunity to see what hands-on patient care truly looks like.  Throughout the semester, I spent hours visiting this clinic and different physical therapists.  I was able to talk to each patient about their goals and how rehabilitation has inspired them, both physically and mentally.  By discussing specific progresses in performance, I could get a better look into the anatomy and physiology of it all and actually understand why one way works better than another.

My main goal to completing these experiences was to increase my knowledge about this side of the healthcare field.  It’s one thing to hear about it from friends or look up information online, but I needed that first-person view.  As a bonus, I was lucky enough to get to know some of the patients by name and this made it much more personal than I had imagined it could be.  To get a more detailed analysis of these experiences check out my entire project, here!

For my research article, I wanted to discuss some sort of issue among healthcare workers.  Once I found more information on burnout, I knew it was perfect for this.  I’ve always had the recurring thought about how this stress syndrome can be detrimental; however, I was unaware of just how bad it can be to these workers before I started my research.  I wrote the article with the reader in mind and gave them insight to different aspects of burnout and why it can be a negative issue.  Statistically, I will most likely


Fields growing by Andy Rogers/CCBY 2.0

either suffer from this stress or know someone that will and that’s a scary topic to talk about.  By writing this, it opened my eyes to how it can be prevented and I hope it makes others see how much of an impact it can make without even realizing it.  To get a better idea about how this problem occurs and can possibly be prevented, check out my research article!

These projects have made a difference in my both my personal and educational life in a great way.  The Applied Project helped me become a better listener as I heard the stories of all these patients.  It got me out there in the world and pushed me to overcome any anxiety I had about the field itself.  While doing research for my article, I gained a better understanding of what it’s like to deal with burnout and related that to the care that these physical therapists are giving on a daily basis.  These experiences are all related to the courses I have taken up to this point and each has its own individual impact on my education.  In the future, I’ll be able to draw from these disciplines in order to make more informed decisions about the care I will be giving and I like that this major makes me unique.  This major has allowed me to focus all of my efforts on my dreams and has given me opportunities to fulfill new ones as I progress through life.


The Graduates by Luftphilia/CCBY 2.0


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